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Testimonial: “It’s a good feeling knowing that because of you, a child has a gift on Christmas.”

Description: Cut and organize angels that are then placed on trees in the church and religious education buildings. Parishioners are asked to take an angel from the trees and return it with the gifts suggested. Then, volunteers meet as a group and collect, organize, wrap and deliver gifts to families and organizations in need in the community.

Time Required: Several hours in early December.

Requirements: A car if making deliveries. Shopping, wrapping and organizing. 

Contact: Anne Avenius   914-527-6762

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Testimonial: “Blood Saves Lives.”

Description: St. Augustine sponsors the annual parish blood drive in memory of Joe Vandernoot, a long time parishioner. The St. Augustine Parish community continues to be extremely generous in this once-a-year sacrificial effort that has helped save hundreds of lives.

Time Required: Volunteers are needed to assist during the drive as well as donate blood.

Requirements: Donors must be at least 17 years of age…and if over 75, have a doctor’s note of permission; be in good health; and not be on the permanent may not donate list.

Contact: Steve Piccone   914-834-1165

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Testimonial: “It is always amazing how much is donated at each drive. We work as a team to organize all the donations and it is inspiring to know how helpful the items are to the Little Sisters.”

Description: – Twice a year, clothes and small household items are collected for the resale shop at the Little Sisters of the Assumption in Harlem.

Time Required: 2 hour shifts once or twice a year. The drives are usually scheduled in October and April.

Requirements: Help is needed to sort the donations and load the van.

Contact: Hilary Collins  914-393-4857.

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Testimonial: “Doing special projects with my Dad has been a wonderful experience.”

Description: Dads that Do is a program for dads and their children (of all ages) to perform works of service in the community.

Time Required: 1 – 2 hours or more depending on the service project.

Requirements: All dads and their children are welcome to join in the projects scheduled during the year.

Contact: Jeff Boron  914-834-1220

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Testimonial: “Over 30 years of dedicated help to the needy by supplying food to Mother Theresa’s and local pantries. Thank you St. Augustine!”

Description: The mission is to collect and deliver food to Mother Theresa’s at 145th Street, New York City and to local pantries from food collected at the 10:30 am Mass as well as non-perishable food left at the entrances to the church every day.

Time Required: Tuesday or Wednesday morning to volunteer at Hope in New Rochelle.

Requirements: Must be at least 13 to help at the pantry. All ages can bring food to the church.

Contact: John Feuerbach  Cell: 914-275-1513, Home: 914-834-2641.

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FULLER CENTER FOR HOUSING (Formerly Habitat for Humanity)

Testimonial: “To help a family get back into their home that was damaged by flood or fire is truly amazing.”

Description: Help build on sites when possible either during the week or on the weekend. Get sponsors and help raise money and participate in the annual Fuller Center for Housing Walk fundraiser in early November.

Time Required: An afternoon in November to raise money and walk for homes. A day or more if you want to help build.

Requirements: Light walking or wheeling. Building materials and instruction are made available at the onsite home projects.

Contact: Anne Avenius   914-527-6762.

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Testimonial: “Speaking with people who are homeless and being able to give them a meal and or clothing and toiletries has been an inspiration to me.”

Description:  A group of confirmation candidates and adults collect food, clothing and toiletries and distribute them to the homeless of New York City.

Time Required: Runs are scheduled twice a year in October/November and March. The group gathers at 8:00 pm in Kenny Hall and then returns around 1:30 am after traveling to New York City. 

Requirements:  Volunteers are needed to make sandwiches, donate and organize clothes, serve, travel to NYC and offer compassion and kindness. Each food package should include: Boxed drink (no glass or bagged), Sandwich – turkey, cheese, peanut butter, meatloaf etc., Hard Boiled Egg, Soft Fruit – Bananas, pears, orange, raisins, grapes, fruit cups, Dessert – individually wrapped cookies, granola, candy bars, brownies, etc., Snacks – pretzels, chips etc., Napkin. Please pack lunches in gallon Ziploc bags and label with sandwich description.

Contact: Mary Irwin   914-834-1220.

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Testimonial: “Being able to send donations and make a difference to an organization in need brings the Christmas Spirit alive.”

Description: Each November, projects for 2 charitable organizations are chosen from nominees to receive donations through ReDirect Christmas. A St. Augustine tradition for over 40 years – it is a way for people to give to these organizations and give to others instead of giving a traditional Christmas gift.

Time Required: Nominations for selection for ReDirect Christmas are accepted in October. Time to make a donation to a worthy cause.

Requirements: A giving heart

Contact: Rectory at St. Augustine  914-834-1220.

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Testimonial: “…a way to help feed, clothe and give shelter to new arrivals to our country and to learn about different cultures.”

Description: Participants work in coordination with Neighbors for Refugees. This is a local community group of volunteers who work to help settle individuals of families who legally arrive in the USA after vetting by the State Department and other international organizations. Activities include assisting with housing needs, registering children in schools, networking for employment opportunities, and connecting resources.

Time Required: Varies according to need.

Requirements: An interest in helping all people in need. Year round depending on when families arrive. This is an activity that can be fit into any schedule.

Contact: Pat McNamara   914-834-0663.

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Testimonial: “It’s great knowing that you helped feed a family.”

Description: On Thanksgiving Day, cooked meals are delivered to families in need. To make that happen, parishioners sign up and prepare cooked meals and bring them to the church Thanksgiving morning. Some bring individual dishes or desserts. After 9:30 am Mass, volunteers deliver the meals to the families.

Time Required: An afternoon to prepare the meal. 2 – 3 hours Thanksgiving morning to deliver them.

Requirements: Ability to cook and or drive.

Contact: Anne Avenius and Margaret Paganini  914-834-1220.

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