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BOOK GROUPS – Spiritual Reading

Testimonial: “My prayer life has been supported by members in this group and it is such a comfort to find individuals who have the same values and love for the spiritual.”

Description: The book club focuses on spiritual development and helps for improving one’s prayer life. In addition, we try to keep up by reading current books which emphasize Catholic values and news.

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Time Required: September – June, once every six weeks.

Requirements: Ability to vocalize one’s faith and lessons taught by books read.

Contact: Annalea Ricci   annalearicci@optonline.net   914-834-7443. 

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Testimonial: “It has been so rewarding to see our parish efforts in reducing waste and taking care of God’s creation making a difference in our larger community. Partly because of our committee’s leadership, we have helped local municipal officials start and expand their food waste recycling program for all residents of Village of Larchmont and Town of Mamaroneck.”

Description: The mission of this sub-committee is to change mindsets and behavior at parish, school, and household levels as well as our larger community towards zero waste. This is achieved through education, communication and modeling zero waste practices in response to Pope Francis’ call for us to care for our common home in his encyclical, Laudato Si.

Time Required: 1 – 2 hours volunteering at a parish event to guide parishioners in disposal of their food waste in our compost bin and recyclables in the appropriate recycling bins. 

Requirements: Learn the details of compostable waste and how it is separated and delivered.

Contact: Karen Khor   khortan@mac.com   646-642-5561.

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Testimonial: “Reading more about our Catholic faith has deepened my faith and relationship to God.”

Description: Located in the school building inside the gym door, the library owns a Catholic collection of books, DVDs and audio tapes. Books are also available for check-out in the rear of the church.

Time Required: All are invited to check out books for a period of time and take them home to read.

Requirements: The desire to learn more about the Catholic faith.

Contact: June Hesler   hesler.june@gmail.com   914-834-1220.

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Testimonial: “Being a member of the Parish Council allows me to share my talents to help facilitate a more vibrant parish.”

Description: Parishioners nominated by the nominating committee are asked to meet each month with the Pastor to discuss and address challenges and events within the parish. They also host the annual Parish Picnic in June.

Time Required: The council meets for 1 1/2 hours the first Monday of each month, September – June. May also include other activities and or assignments as are accepted.

Requirements: Must be an active / registered member of St. Augustine Parish.

Contact: St. Augustine rectory   abetkowski@staugustineny.org   914-834-1220

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Testimonial: “Being a part of this parish newsletter has brought me closer to my community and my parish.”

Description: Reflections is the parish newsletter which highlights the activities and ministries of St. Augustine Church. A hard copy is mailed to all registered, active households in the parish.

Time Required: A few hours at time of publication.

Requirements: Volunteer writers, poets, graphic artists and desktop publishers are welcomed.

Contact: Lu Doyle   Ldoyle@staugustineny.org

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Testimonial: “Reading the same book as others in my parish and meeting in small groups to discuss it has deepened my sense of faith and community.”

Description: Parishioners are invited to read a book during a specified time and discuss it in small groups.

Time Required: Time to read the book and then weekly discussions over several weeks for about an hour.

Requirements: Desire to read and discuss a chosen book. Facilitators are also needed to lead the discussion groups.

Contact: Lu Doyle   Ldoyle@staugustineny.org

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Testimonial: “Being a catechist has been an inspiring experience that not only allowed me to share my faith with my students but to deepen my own.”

Description: The Religious Education program is offered for children in grades 1 – 9. The Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist are offered in second grade and the Sacrament of Confirmation in the 9th grade. Catechists, catechist assistants, substitutes and helpers are always needed.

Time Required: Classes are 1 hour and 15 minutes plus time for preparation.

Requirements: Classes begin in September and end in May on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Contact: Sister Suzanne Duzen   srsuzanne@staugustineny.org   914-834-9523.

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Testimonial: “This has been a great way to continue learning about my religion, develop my faith and meet others interested in doing the same.”

Description: Small group discussions are organized to discuss a book of the Bible or related topic. At home, participants individually use a commentary and respond to questions in a study guide. They then meet weekly with the group for sharing and discussion.

Time Required: About 15 – 20 minutes daily to read and respond to guided questions; 1.5 hours weekly for small group discussion over 6 – 10 weeks (depending on the subject.)

Requirements: Groups are scheduled throughout the year and no previous Bible study is required or needed.

Contact: Pat McNamara   chenpat@optonline.net   914-834-0663. 

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Testimonial: “Being able to be part of a spiritual group after Confirmation has strengthened my faith and fostered deep and lasting friendships.”

Description: A new model of youth ministry for sophomores, juniors and seniors in high school, who gather monthly and several weekly, to build relationships, serve others and grow in their faith. Opportunities for being lead catechists and assistant catechists in our religious education program are provided. Monthly gatherings at IHOP serve to involve teens. Two group service activities are sponsored.

Time Required: Depends on what a teen chooses to participate in, September to June.

Requirements: Interest in involvement in the parish community, growing in faith, desire to serve.

Contact: Sister Suzanne Duzen   srsuzanne@staugustineny.org   914-834-9523.

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