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Testimonial: “Being a part of this ministry helps me feel a part of the liturgy.”

Description: Linens used at the altar are taken from the sacristy and cleaned, ironed and returned every Monday.

Time Required: 2 hours every 7 weeks

Requirements: Washing and ironing.

Contact: abetkowski@staugustineny.org  914-834-1220

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Testimonial: Being an Altar Server has helped me gain a deeper appreciation for the Mass and prayer. It helps me to stay connected to our God and to our religion.”

Description: For centuries, young people have been a vital part of the Mass. Altar serving is not easy. It requires dedicated commitment to the Mass. The duties involve everything from assisting the priest, lighting candles, carrying the books, getting the gifts, ringing the bells, and of course praying the parts of the Mass with the congregation. Altar servers give prayerful example to the people by being attentive listeners. At St. Augustine, boys and girls from 4th to 12th grades are invited to minister at the altar.

Time Required: Each server is usually assigned a Mass twice a month.

Requirements: Every server is expected to learn and know the prayers of the Mass as well as various duties. It is a yearlong service.

 Contact: Deacon Bob  Deaconbob@staugustineny.org 834-1220  abetkowski@staugustineny.org

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Testimonial: “Leaving myself open to God in silent prayer has made me a more centered person. It is another way of praying, of taking special time to ‘listen’ to God.”

Description:  Meet to the left of the altar, in front of the Tabernacle, following every Saturday 9:00 am Mass, all year, for silent prayer.

Time Required: 9:40 am Saturday mornings to sit in communal prayer.

Requirements: Saturday mornings. When there is a funeral or other special liturgy, prayer is held in the school building, room 104. Please enter through the center door.

Contact: Lu Doyle   LDoyle@staugustineny.org   914-834-1220

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Testimonial: As quoted by St. Augustine, “Singing is praying twice.” It is a wonderfully, spiritual experience to be in the choir and part of the Mass.”

Description: The children’s choir and the adult choir assist in providing liturgical music for Saturday and Sunday Masses, major feasts and celebrations.

Time Required: An hour a week during Mass as well as rehearsals.

Requirements: All are encouraged to join.

Contact: Michael Ward   Mward@staugustineny.org  914-834-1220

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Testimonial: “Having lay people distributing communion enriches our celebration as ‘members’ of the body of Christ’s Church, not just ‘spectators’ and brings our whole congregation together.”

Description: Arrive 5 to 10 minutes before Mass to prepare for the procession from the sacristy to the back of the church and up the aisle at the beginning of Mass. Eucharistic Ministers are instructed on how to give communion at Mass as well as to those who are homebound

Time Required: 1 – 2 Masses per month

Requirements: Brief instruction from Msgr. Kelly and Paul Lennon.

Contact: Paul Lennon   paultlennon@optonline.net  914-834-6861

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Testimonial: “Greeters are the personification, representative, exemplar of the church embodied – they are the spirit of our church.”

Description: The presence of greeters, although a simple role, is of upmost importance in making both exiting parishioners and newcomers feel welcome and connected to our church. Greeters are asked to arrive 15 minutes before their designated Mass and stand in front of the entrance to greet parishioners before the start of Mass. Just before the end of Mass, greeters also will wait at the church doors to bid the parishioners good bye and to hand out bulletins as they exit the church. Ushers are asked to take up the collection at Mass.

Time Required: 15 minutes prior to the start of Mass and 10 minutes after Mass has ended; year round.  

Requirements: Positive, cheery attitude and welcoming smile.

Contact: Carla Henderson  Carla.hendo@gmail.com  914-834-1220

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Testimonial: “Has helped me prepare for the Sunday Liturgy and the readings, liturgical seasons, and holy days. It really makes a difference.”

Description: Lectio Divina combines the reading of Sacred Scripture from the Sunday Lectionary, with silent, prayerful, contemplative prayer.

Time Required: Once a week on Tuesdays for one hour following the 9:00 am Mass. The group meets in the rectory living room.

Requirements: All are welcome

Contact:  Sister Muriel Cooney  srmuriel@staugustineny.org  914-834-1220

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Testimonial: “Having lay people reading the scriptures enriches our celebrations as ‘members’ of the body of Christ;s Church, not just ‘spectators’ and brings our whole congregation together.”

Description: During mass, the Lector reads passages from scripture – the first reading and the second reading – and later, after the Creed, reads parts of the Prayer of the Faithful.

Time Required: Before coming to Mass, the Lector Workbook is used to read the first and second readings in order to understand the message so they can place the proper emphasis with their delivery from the pulpit and anticipate the pronunciation of any unusual names in the readings. Five to ten minutes before mass, Lectors go to the pulpit to review and prepare.

Requirements: Ability to read from the bible in front of the congregation with a clear and respectful voice.

Contact: Paul Lennon  paultlennon@optonline.net  914-834-1220

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Testimonial:  “Having the readings explained with my child and other children from the parish, during Mass, at her level, has engaged my daughter in the Mass and in her faith.”

Description: During the Liturgy of the Word at the 10:30 am Mass on Sundays, children ages 4 to 9 are invited to the rectory to learn about the Sunday Gospel at their development level.

Time Required: 25 minutes during the 10:30 am Mass.

Requirements: Children ages 4 – 9 are invited to the rectory during the Liturgy of the Word at the 10:30 am Sunday Mass. Adults are welcome to help monitor the program.

Contact: Sr. Suzanne Duzen  srsuzanne@staugustineny.org  914-834-9523

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Testimonial: “The Prayer Network is a source of comfort and healing. Parishioners are grateful for our prayerful support at times of illness, death, and other family difficulties.”

Description: The Prayer Network is composed of parishioners who pray for the needs of others who request our prayers. E-mail and phone are used to communicate requests and to provide updates. Some intentions are specific, others more general. All requests are confidential within the Network.

Time Required: The desire and time to pray for those in need who have requested our prayers.

Requirements: Only the desire and time to pray for those in need who have requested our prayers year round. 

Contact:  Jean Power  abetkowski@staugustineny.org  914-834-1220

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