Religious Ed. Program

Faith and life are integrated—and lived—in the St. Augustine Religious Education process that extends from young children to teens and their families and uses a variety of approaches, including Scripture, prayer and core content.
Through catechesis, liturgy, service, art and music, the whole faith community is invited to grow and become living examples of God’s love.

Sister Suzanne Duzen, SS.C.M., Religious Education Director
Rel. Ed. Administrative Team: Linda Brown, Iraci Di Buono, Rachel Erfe, Elizabeth King
Tel: (914) 834-9523 – Fax: (914) 833-3373

If you wish to register your child in this year’s Program, please print out and complete the RELIGIOUS EDUCATION REGISTRATION FORM. Return the completed form (payment plan form available here) together with a check in an envelope to the Religious Education Office or drop it in the collection basket.

Also, if you would like to register a first grade child, or if your child is entering our program for the first time at any grade level, we will need a copy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate prior to enrollment into our program.

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For catechists

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” ‘Who is the greatest
in the kingdom of heaven?’…
Jesus replied,
‘Whoever humbles himself
like this child
is the greatest
in the kingdom of heaven.
And whoever receives
one child such as this
in my name receives me.’ “
(Matthew 18:1-5)

Religious Ed Program

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