A Catholic blogger, Leo Wong, defines stewardship like this:

“I once wrote in a notebook: “Time, talent, and treasure—and the greatest of these is treasure.” I meant, of course, that almost always when we hear about this trio of T’s, the underlying text is: Give more money. [But] for many of us, time, talent, and treasure are not three separate things but three related things—three things that may support each other, like a triangle, which is a symbol of the Trinity…”

“For many of us time is our treasure … [and] what you love doing may be the very thing that is your treasure. This treasure you can give to God, by doing it well, and by doing it for others. If you love to cook, that is one of your treasures. If you love to sing, that is one of your treasures. If you love children, that is one of your treasures … [Or] it may be that your treasure is missing. For example, if you are lonely, it may be that you will find your treasure in helping others.

So if you have time and a talent to share, take a look at our Faith & Community page, filled with opportunities for adults to come together in God’s name for the common good. If your gift is teaching and sharing your faith with children, go straightaway to our Religious Education page; perhaps a class of young Catholics is waiting for you to share our tradition with them.

A last thought from Mr. Wong:

“I look at giving money to the Church as a discipline, or a prayer, like fasting. You don’t have to like it, but you have to do it. You are not giving your treasure…but an offering, an oblation, that is to say, a sacrifice. And like all disciplines, it should be done regularly, and you should feel it a little.”

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