Stewardship Appeal

A Message from Cardinal Dolan

Dear Friends,

One of my many blessings is to be part of such a strong, warm and welcoming community. I am very proud of our Catholic family here in the Archdiocese of New York. Everywhere I go, I hear not only admiration and appreciation for what the Church is accomplishing, but also how much more we need to do. There is no doubt that the Archdiocese is great in size and even greater in spirit, thanks be to God. This Holy Spirit is manifested on a daily basis in the work of the Cardinal’s Annual Appeal.

Through the Appeal, we support the men and women who work behind the scenes to assist our parishes, schools and agencies. We provide our clergy with the retirement that they so deserve after dedicating their lives to service. We educate the faithful who will serve our parishes as future priests, deacons, lay leaders and religious.


We nourish our children both spiritually and intellectually in our fine Catholic schools and religious education programs. And through our Catholic Charities, we protect the disadvantaged, innocent and vulnerable.

As Catholics, we are called to embrace and care for all in need. My hope is that we are able to answer the call to do more, so that no one in need is turned away. I am depending on you to help me make this possible.

I pray that you will join me and consider renewing your commitment to the Church in New York with a gift to the Cardinal’s Annual Appeal. I ask not for me, but on behalf of the thousands of men, women and children who are so grateful for your love and care. Please help me in making the Appeal a success.

With renewed gratitude and hope for the future, I remain


Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan

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