Seasonal Liturgies & Activities

What are the three pillars of Lent?

Pray   During Lent, we ask God to renew and transform us. A daily habit of talking—and listening—to God is strengthened and renewed. Or perhaps it becomes a new bond, a part of our everyday life that we go to find solace and understanding. “The Lord is near to all who call upon him in truth,” as the psalmist says. He is closer than your hands and feet.

Fast  Many Christians use Lent as a time to commit to fasting, choosing to abstain from certain foods, habits or vices. The fasting and abstinence is meant to mirror the experience of Jesus Christ and his experience of fasting in the desert.

Catholics are asked to fast from meat on Ash Wednesday and all of the Fridays of Lent. They are also asked to abstain from eating between meals on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, and to eat only one full meal and two small meals on those days.

Give  This year, let’s transform our fasting as we transform our spirits in preparation for Easter. We will repair and restore our spirits by using the fast to deepen our sense of gratitude for all of God’s gifts; to redouble our efforts to sustain the beautiful gifts that God has given us in Creation; and to rejoice in our gratitude by sharing our gifts with all those in need.

Choose what opens your heart!  Not everything is for everybody!  What speaks to you?:


…at Mass on Sundays at 9 & 10:30am, 12 noon & 5pm, or Saturday vigil at 5pm;

                          Weekdays at 7:45 & 9am

…in a small group Lenten Scripture Study for 3 sessions in 40 days

…with daily meditation booklets

+      The Little Black Book for Adults (in church)

+      The Little Purple Book for Children, 6-9 (in Rel. Ed)

+      The Art of Lent by Sister Wendy Beckett (Kindle)

…at the Stations of the Cross on Wednesday eves at 7:15pm

+     March 13    for the Suffering, Ill & Disabled

+      March 20    for Today’s Disciples

+      March 27     with Pope Francis

+      April 3          for Seniors

+      April 10        Living Stations with Teens of the Parish

…on local pilgrimages

+     March 10    Mindfulness Walk at Sheldrake Preserve, 1:30pm

(with children’s concurrent activity, Spirals in Nature)

+      March 13    Medieval Bestiary Cloisters Tour for gr. 1 – 4, 10:30am

+      April 14       The Crucifixion Cloisters Tour for Adults, 2pm

+      Online         360-degree Tours of Houses of Worship

…with a spiritual guide

+      March 16     Fr. Tony Ciorra on The Spirituality of Beauty, 10am

                             in Kenny Hall

+      March 29    Mary Kate Holmes on Creation and the Cross at Parish

                            Rice & Beans Potluck, 6 – 7:30pm in Kenny Hall


…on March 29 at Parish Rice & Beans Potluck with donations of pkg

            food or money to HOPE in NR & Mother Teresa’s in the Bronx

…with weekly donations of food for HOPE in NR & Mother Teresa’s in the Bronx:

            peanut butter, beans, pasta, rice, low-salt soups, tomatoes, etc.

…with Catholic Relief Services’ Operation Rice Bowl mite boxes

…with 6 Ways in 6 Days

    Sustain Creation & donate the difference on…

+      Meatless Mondays  in addition to Friday fasts

+      Trashless Tuesdays  of refusing & reusing, recycling & composting

+      Walking Wednesdays Wherever: to school, to the train, to catechism!

+      Thrifty Thursdays of not spending on yourself

+      Fasting Fridays for 18-59: no food between 3 small & meatless meals

+      Study Saturdays, taking time out to read one article about Creation

        Sunday? Go to Mass, feast & spend the day with family & friends!

 …with partners from an interfaith effort to care for God’s Creation,

+      clean up our shores & parks!

+      conserve energy by turning off lights & turning down heat & AC!

+      stop using plastics & bring your own bag!

+      walk around town & use public transportation outside of it!   

+      save food & start composting at Maxwell Avenue drop-off!

Lent is a penitential season yet also a season of renewal, of deepening our relationship with God.

It is a season of thirst for infinite beauty—for God.

Let us make this Lent a time of spiritual renewal that enhances our experience of Easter,

making us ready to embrace the mystery and promise of Christ’s death and resurrection.

Palm Sunday & Holy Week Liturgies

April 14   Palm Sunday Masses  5pm (Sat eve); 9am & 10:30am, 12 Noon & 5pm

April 15   Monday Confessions 3 – 8pm

April 18   Holy Thursday Mass of Our Lord’s Supper 8pm (Visits to Repository until 10:30pm)

April 19   Good Friday Tenebrae  9am

    Stations of the Cross   12 noon & 7:30pm

    Liturgy of the Passion & Death of Our Lord 3pm

    Confessions  7 – 7:30pm

 April 20  Holy Saturday  Tenebrae 9am

    Confessions 11am-12 noon, 4-5pm

    Easter Vigil Liturgy 8pm

Easter Sunday 7:45, 9 & 10:30am

                              (No Evening Mass)